The teacher told you: a fun experience happy for which good?

Editor’s note: with the social changes and people thought gradually open, sex toys is no longer what “shame” thing, but can be reasonably used to meet the physiological needs of men and women. “Shisexingye”, that is to say of life and eating is human nature, so there is no need to absolutely “suppressed”, and cause more and more women now, need more comfortable fun supplies to meet their physical needs, in order to ease the work pressure brought about by yourself. What is the female is happy? As the name suggests, is to make women happy pleasure climax of the title. The professional term called female masturbation, female masturbation is divided into double shock g rods, AV vibrators, flirt Tiaodan, simulation of penis, Wahaha products, chest stimulation and anal toys. These are the types of women’s happiness, the different categories have different play, can give women bring different pleasure.

Wuxi consumes 2 million 320 thousand condoms free of charge every year

Abstract: “free contraceptives, than publicity and education is more straightforward.” Wuxi City family planning management station Jia Ziying introduction, the Wuxi (including Jiangyin, Yixing) invested $about 2000000 worth of free contraceptives every year, including all kinds of contraceptives and condoms, contraceptive film, contraceptive suppository for more than and 30 varieties. Among them, the condom accounted for 90%, that is to say in the choice of contraceptive methods on Xicheng is mainly the use of condoms. 0″ experience the correct use of condoms. CFP recently published the famous men’s magazine “men loaded”, introduced the use of ranking the condoms, with volume found around the country are soaring, Jiangsu Province in 1 billion 220 million years to win the championship. On this news, the people of Wuxi town talk over, also curious about just how is Wuxi people. The phenomenon of praise or bomb? The condom is contraceptives free contraception, “Wuxi people preferred to be more straightforward than the publicity and education.” Wuxi City family planning management station Jia Ziying introduction, the Wuxi (including Jiangyin, Yixing) invested $about 2000000 worth of free contraceptives every year, including all kinds of contraceptives and condoms, contraceptive film, contraceptive suppository for more than and 30 varieties. Among them, the condom accounted for 90%, that is to say in the choice of contraceptive methods on Xicheng is mainly the use of condoms. Jia said the owners, the public can receive free condoms in three ways, one is to Juwei receiving, two is in the vending machine through the brush two generation ID card to receive, three is the log in Wuxi City family planning service center to receive online. In these three ways, in order to receive the maximum rate through the automatic distribution machine. Xie Yao, director of the International Garden agency in the Yangtze River, told reporters, directly to the community committee to obtain condoms only a very small number of people, mostly through the automatic distribution machine to take. “Automatic distribution machine is generally located in the vicinity of the neighborhood committee office, residents are very convenient to use.” It is understood that the current Wuxi city set up a total of 767 sets of condoms for free, usually placed prominently in the community, municipal hospitals and large pharmacies, 18 to 60 years old people with the two generation ID card can receive free of charge on the machine. According to statistics, there are about 160 thousand people in Wuxi every year by way of credit card to receive a free condom. There are vending machines sold each year to 400 thousand. Jia stationmaster said, according to the regulations, each person can receive a free box (10) condoms per person per month, that is, one person can receive a year only 120. The people of Wuxi are calculated, vending machines, vending machines will consume 2 million 320 thousand condoms only through the year. “Shy” condom machine before 1, credit card cash – male statistics show that from the vast majority of vending machines receive condoms is male, this year has reached 106216 people, while women only 48476 people. This shows that the era of female contraception has turned out, and now the men have been able to take the initiative to participate in family birth control. Reporters interviewed on this topic also found that most women are still shy. Husband and wife life, to receive or buy condoms are mostly borne by men. Interviewed Miss Lee said that “I have never bought (condoms), how to face…….” Wuxi women take sets, mostly concentrated in large factories in the new district. Family planning management station in more than 1000 enterprises, specifically for female workers set up “happiness inn”. He said in a female worker cuntian electronic work, originally he is shy. But looking at the women around the partners have to go, and she followed. 2, the set is “dark” action from the receive time, 24 hours a day, there are people who receive the number of 17:00-21:00 for the most, up to 55391 passengers, followed by the 9:00-17:00 time period, the number of people claiming 53705 people. 0:00-9:00 also has 23384 people. Comprehensive analysis, about 100 thousand people in the evening to early morning to receive, the number is far more than the day. New public Zhang in the new area of a factory on the night shift, he told reporters that he is usually after work in the morning, to the district where the automatic distribution machine to receive. Most of the respondents were the default, daytime shy, specifically pick night. “Feel a bit like like a thief, in a sneaky way.” 3, the Internet is a new way for network login contraceptives to receive free condoms, is a new method for young people popular. Pay per courier fee of 6 yuan, of which 3 yuan pay by the government, the public as long as their pay 3 yuan, will be able to send condoms, and do the processing of privacy protection in packaging. Jia Ziying revealed that the number of people receiving this approach is gradually increasing, the highest single day 47. Respondents Hu told reporters that his last month in the online roommate successfully received a 3 box, “the day he let me take a express to help him, packaging and ordinary parcel as without distinction, when he opened the package, is actually 3 boxes of condoms.” Xiao Hu think this approach is also good, you can avoid the embarrassment of directly in the convenience store to buy, but also to protect privacy. Civilization

A more comfortable and more convenient, the female condom spring is coming.

Abstract: from 1987 so far, the development of the female condom has experienced a long process, but because the use is not convenient, not expensive for various reasons such as popularity. With the new technology development and application of new design, the female condom and finally to the long-awaited spring. The development of 0″ female condoms will guarantee more women, Wisconsin pharmaceutical company executives in general found a she think that will change the world “new products, therefore, she flew to the other side of the ocean to Copenhagen to interview the designer. She did not expect that this new product is actually pulled out from an old cigarette box. She went to see the Danish doctor and inventor Lasse Hassel. As a doctor, Hassel was a well-dressed man, he is holding a cigarette to rip open the door, and then take out the cigarette, pulled out his “revolutionary innovation”. “What are inside the plastic, metal particles, and all sorts of things,” rip recalled, “I took a deep breath,” I thought, this is what happened?! “” But the plastic and metal particles to spell out the model into a can make women in sex wear protective measures, can make them reluctant to use condoms in the male spouse, still can prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases; that is to say, the new product strip seen at Hassel’s house that is the first female condoms in the world. Over the past 20 years, the female condom has caused a change in some parts of the world but the distance strip originally envisaged “* *” is still a far cry from. At present, all condoms in the global market, only 1.6% are female. The price of the deformity “monster” female condom birth road difficult beginning. The female condom prototype designed by Hassel is just a concept, but the strip and her colleagues need to transform it into a product on the market. After several debugging, they finally put the female condom design has become what it is today: in the condom at each end of a flexible ring, a completely closed bottom. When in use, the woman will be outside the outer ring around the vagina, the inner ring and condom into the vagina. They designed the female condom has many advantages, for example, it is not the same as male condoms need penile erectile auxiliary, thus put in the hours before sex, not to make sexual intercourse process produces a pause or interruption; more stable, unlike the male condom that is easy to fall off, can prevent all kinds of venereal diseases and AIDS virus infectious. But before the Wisconsin pharmaceutical companies will this female condom market, they need to get the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval. Because the female condom is a new product, so FDA will be listed as three grade medical equipment, which is a “high risk” types. Results FDA spent six years to review, when 1993 finally approved, rip that they finally saw the dawn of success. She was wrong. When the female condom is going to market, a series of difficult challenges ensued. First, cultural factors. At that time, the public for related products are still taboo, people won’t even say “condom”, but “rubber” referring to the male condom. Although the incidence of HIV is rising, but many American women are still very naive to think that HIV and AIDS is a very distant thing, television news will hear things do not happen on their own. Rip invited members female pioneer group conducted the trial, although they mouth said it was a good stuff, but when they leave, but did not take the female condom. Price is a problem. At the time of the female condom every 5 dollars, and a male only $1 less than. “The first time I heard when the female condom, I was still in college. I’m curious about this, but the price is too expensive.” The female condom is currently engaged in innovative design work in Ohio for a pharmaceutical company of Krishna Farris recalls, “I won’t spend so much money to buy a condom, when I was 20 years old, just from where you can get free male condoms.” More importantly, the female condom shape is very strange, they don’t like the male condom can be compressed into a thin film, a lot of people will be its peculiar shape away. In addition, its ease of use has yet to be strengthened, and among those who are curious about it, about 1/3 to 1/2 have chosen to give up because of the first few unsuccessful attempts. The media is the new product to add fuel to the flames of the attitude, the reporters will be evaluated as “monster”, even said that this is a “to punish the medieval old maid”. For a time, Americans will female condom as a deformity of the product, which had greatly sapped its market promotion. The United States’ Africa by holding the female condom in the United States the situation worse, however, in sub Saharan Africa, this new.

We-Vibe4 is the world’s first APP resonator couples

Abstract: husband and wife resonance, double motor vibration separated two, still can not bear the pain of love and lovers at the same time? Canada Vii (We-Vibe) and push new products, but the distant ocean can also be super artifact still * * oh! 0″ to the world’s first resonator couples Canada Vii (We-Vibe) well-known, far and near, in autumn October, the grand launch of its new We-Vibe 4 Plus Vii exclusive edition. The product has broken through the limitations of the existence of long-distance sexual barriers in the existing market, to take the form of a mobile phone or Pad download APP, remote control of appliances to achieve a pleasant experience. Even with the love of the world, as long as there is a We-Vibe 4 Plus, but also enjoy the same time the pleasure of sexual love oh! Product features: – couple resonance, dual vibration – iPad / APP mobile phone remote control, across the ocean can also play 10*10 interactive * * – 10 meters – cool earthshaking wireless remote control, waterproof support custom pattern adjustment brand agent: Hongkong Lok Co. Ltd. (Loewie) hotline: 0755-22676255-807 15002068154 QQ: 2282139462 cherry bread Nenxue Asian bride reverse mold size island Sensati

The founder of the anti pornography net summer MS media interview

Abstract: throwing feces is a spontaneous spontaneous behavior aunt.” Ms. Xia told members, aunt himself is not in love Chinese color. But at the same time, she also said: “throwing dung is a courageous father, a Chinese woman, we admire her!” > China’s Internet is too yellow.” Ms. Xia told, this is she and 6 other women started China anti love reason. Peng Xiaohui, a professor of sexology, recently encountered an incident of throwing dung, in an interview with Phoenix, said that he thought the incident was an organized behavior, the purpose is to cause social shock to the. Suspicion points to a company called Chinese anti love website, the evidence is, pofen event photos originated from the site. “Throwing dung is spontaneous spontaneous behavior of aunt.” Ms. Xia told members, aunt himself is not in love Chinese color. But at the same time, she also said: “throwing dung is a courageous father, a Chinese woman, we admire her!” This was founded by the 7 Shijiazhuang women self financing website has been operating for more than 4 years, during the period of repeated black, if you search for “Chinese anti pornography net” in Baidu, the first few pages of search results are not the site. But Ms. Xia said, this year, Dongguan vice, Baidu once can directly search to the site home page. “Chinese anti love hardcore volunteers have dozens of people, including civil servants, teachers (including university professors), family, women lawyers, counselors, entrepreneurs etc..” The website states that, Chinese anti love tenet is: with the party and the government’s call to curb the proliferation of pornography, carrying forward the national * * ethics, the new trend of the construction of spiritual civilization society * *, purification. (Phoenix Zhu Shiqi) Phoenix information: the reasons for the establishment of anti pornography network? MS Xia: worry and responsibility. When we feel a few friends, China Internet too yellow, we have been abroad, some foreign mainstream news sites, there will be no pictures naked pornography, but to attract users China porn is now the common means (to put it bluntly, your network is also like this). But some porn websites pop links tend to jump out, we are the mother, afraid to let their children online, but can not stop, the whole society treats pornography as a consumer, a homely food, around us, often hear certain divorce because of an extramarital affair, so children puppy love grades the children ran Moumou with friends, even social murder, most with pornography, this point can be seen at random. In our experience, our ancestors said “Lewdness is the worst of all., filial piety” is justified. Phoenix: what are your basic ideas about sex? What is the difference between sex and pornography? Ms. Xia: we view about the Chinese traditional ethics and consistent for thousands of years, the first is the tools of procreation, courteous and moral, it is reasonable desire. Ethics is thousands of years of human civilization to summarize the track, ethical, and is a happy family, contrary to ethics, is on the road regardless of the traffic rules run and hit. We do not reverse, but we all anti pornography, caused by evil, teasing the desire of the classical Chinese language and pictures are pornography, Confucius said, pure thought. He also said that the natural instincts of man, the great desire of man, is warning people, this is one of the biggest desire, and to not be vertical, lust is the fire. Now people financially, but spiritual emptiness, so from here to find erotic stimulation, we look at how much the tragedy happened every year in our country, the rising divorce rate, look at the increase of the child, went to the prison to see how many criminals because of love, murder, look around, many young people in unhappy marriages that is because all the beauty and happiness brought by gender advance * *, we know it is not alarmist, energy-saving! Phoenix information: anti pornography network is the specific phenomenon of the current society? Ms. Xia: the proliferation of pornographic culture, media, public figures, public knowledge, many people are attracted to the eye. In addition, the proliferation of gay culture, many normal young people are induced to become gay. There are some unscrupulous private hospitals in wantonly distribute “painless” unscrupulous advertising, it is in the induction of lightly pregnant girl, this is the problem we must oppose. Phoenix information: Recently professor Peng Xiaohui was throwing feces, anti pornography on the Internet posted a big interview with dung, I would like to ask you how to look at the big bang dung? Ms. Xia: strong support! This is not an aunt in the splash of him, is the whole of China’s aunt is throwing him! He often use the identity of college teachers, the use of “sex” topic in the media hype, such as the introduction of Japanese AV actress (actor sex) into the university classroom, the campus provides cubicle such fallacies as lovers, and it is in the normal university, where the teacher’s dignity ah, this kind of teacher can teach them how to teach students? Peng Xiaohui was splashed, often through the media, said the Chinese Anti pornography network is behind the scenes! We hereby make clear that we are firmly in support of! Throw dung

British supermodel Sexy Lingerie Sexy Photo – Abby Abbey Clancy

Abstract: as the saying goes, “the onlooker” and “tailored” Dalang not wearing Lu Zhishen’s clothes. <img src= "" border= "0" at noon yesterday at about 1 am, Miss Song in Fuzhou D6225 EMU, travel to Xiamen. Just get on the bus, she found two boxes of condoms on the table, unmarried she suddenly blushed to the neck. "Could someone practical joke?" she consciously think so. AIDS prevention publicity on the railway departments to carry out promotional activities on the D6225 train no ground for blame, the staff told Miss Song sent two boxes of condoms is the unified arrangement of Nanchang Railway Bureau, on the one hand, we blame the staff, the problem lies in the "unified arrangement". Everything depends on the situation depends on the object to engage in anti AIDS publicity, on the one hand is good to do bad things, on the other hand will also cause a waste of condom resources. Give condoms to unmarried women, equivalent to men to send lipstick, is a doctor with the wrong medicine. Anti AIDS publicity is not the original sin, the problem is not the "broad brush" approach to deal with specific issues. As the saying goes, "the onlooker" and "tailored" Dalang not wearing Lu Zhishen's clothes. AIDS prevention propaganda does not necessarily have to give each passenger condoms. AIDS prevention publicity has N paths to choose from, for example, the issuance of leaflets, hanging pictures in the car, the use of the vehicle on the radio for publicity, etc., so the same can play a promotional effect. In short, as long as the way, way more than difficult, even to send condoms also want to distinguish objects, for those older adults, children can offer some, one is not like Miss song so embarrassed, they are two of married life is necessary, in the snow to send carbon. So, the railway departments should draw lessons from this, AIDS prevention publicity will come out from the "purdah", in the previous research, if you sit in the office behind closed doors, anti AIDS publicity may be on the surface with vigour and vitality, but not down to earth, just like the D6225 train on the staff, output please do not.

The inflatable doll so can play back her through the newly married man!

Editor’s note: although now a lot of people on the inflatable doll is no longer resist, and even some people life already cannot do without inflatable dolls, but this is only an “open secret”, because if someone put the inflatable doll to show a public occasion under it, you will find yourself immediately on the news, or hot search. So no matter how much you love doll, in order to “criticized”, from the current situation, want to take her out to the streets or to be cautious. The lunar month is the beginning of the ten is a lot of people think that is a good day for marriage, so that no matter which city can see everywhere married couples. On this day, in the South Bank of Yibin City, the Yangtze River Song park there, a more than and 20 year old man, dressed in a classical groom, braved the drizzle, carrying an inflatable doll walking in the water curtain film beside his beloved. 65cm Mixed Color Long Wavy Anime My Little Pony Princess Celestia Cosplay Harajuku

The condom use rate was 56.3%

Editor’s note: February 13th is the international condom day, Zhongshan CDC AIDS through a variety of channels online and offline, in Zhongshan, a number of college students conducted a questionnaire survey. Survey: the survey of college students, the first time the proportion of condom use behavior was 56.3%, in addition, the proportion of condom use among many same-sex couples in the lower sex. Although said, through all aspects of publicity, and now the use of condoms has improved, but the overall view is not ideal. February 13th is the international condom day, yesterday, the Zhongshan Municipal Center for Disease Control and prevention, a survey released by the survey, the first time the behavior of college students in the use of condoms was only 56.3%.