Happy town original interest brand G-joy shocked listing

Editor’s note: the era of consumption upgrading, good design and new concept is one of the attractive products to attract users. Nowadays, with the development of economy and concept, more and more new brands choose to enter the interest industry. Vision, the pace of the avant-garde, Jincheng adhering everything quick half step consistent style, see the development trend of appeal of the industry and market prospects. After a long time of research and preparation, Jincheng Town happiness’s first original taste brand G-joy was born. The data show that the market will reach 10 billion in 2018, and in the past few years, China has become the world’s largest producer of fun products. At least eighty percent of the interest toys are produced on this land, and then exported to various countries. G-joy, high-end original taste brand, product flagship high-end route, we want to design and develop products, can jump out of “lust”, create the climax of the body and spirit. Make spice products upgrade from simple and rough design to elegant art.G-joy’s approach is to innovate in functionality, security, and design. Among them, the function involves a number of patented technology to ensure user experience, design innovation in addition to beauty, but also injected into the artistic connotation. The appearance of innovation, from the appearance, G-joy moonlight Ling and the general vibration stick has a very big difference.A long hard feather on the wings and tail of a swan. Some of them are gorgeous, and some are pure white. Moonlight Ling, take meaning in the moonlight, swan wings flying in the lake, free, elegant. moonlight Ling adopts double shock head design, there are also a circular arc design, flat surface and a narrow design, have a variety of human contact, can satisfy the wide range and position keenly felt. In addition, the traditional vibration bar is straight, G-joy moonlight Ling is designed with internal metal copper wire, can achieve 180 degrees bending, so that happiness is no longer rigidly adhere to a posture. Multi modal vibration, IPX7 class waterproof as fun products, different frequency is very important. Therefore, G-joy moonlight Ling has 7 frequency. Of course, as an electronic product, waterproof is also very important, moonlight Ling has IPX7 class waterproof, can ensure the safe use of underwater. wired and wireless, double charging modeCharging technology has always been the highlight of electronic products. Based on this, G-joy wireless charging technology will be applied to the moonlight Ling, but also with wired charging technology. This double charging mode is also an innovation of domestic interest products. warm atmosphere lamp design parking love Fenglin night, red leaves in February flower. Moonlight, the function not only serves the body, but also serves the spirit. The impact of the atmosphere on everyone is obvious. G-joy is an interesting product with the effect of atmosphere lamp. Under the starry sky, you appreciate her heart. One button heating, instant warming, men’s past interest products are covered with cold coat, which increases the user’s psychological pressure. So, G-joy moonlight Ling has a key heating, rod body temperature fixed at 42 degrees, slightly higher than the normal body temperature, instantly warming men. Safety innovation is divided into physical safety and psychological safety from the point of view of safety. Physical safety is quality and safety, in the material, moonlight Ling using all inclusive bonding technology, with FD safety certification silicone, full of security. Of course, in order to further ensure the quality and safety, G-joy interest products testing items up to 10, including key test, high and low temperature test, waterproof test, etc.. Psychological safety, is to allow users in the use of products, can reduce psychological pressure, more assured and reassuring. G-joy adds private storage and storage box to the product. It is almost invisible in the appearance design, and it can be placed on the pillow cabinet like the mobile phone. In the process, G-joy moon Ling production partner is called “Foxconn” in the interest field in the industry, has exquisite and advanced manufacturing technology. Sex and beauty are inseparable, just like life and consciousness. We respect sex, thirst for fullness of love, and pleasure never stops. We try to change, to create, to make sex, to become more sunshine. Heart is a place, nothing happens. We are looking forward to that era. Hangzhou quality real Chongqing Network Technology Co., Ltd. Tel: 400-1688-707Official public number

2017 German Berlin adult exhibition report: awarding ceremony

Editor’s note: you don’t know, you see, the world is falling into a plastic panic. Just search the web, and you’ll find that countless plastics are destroying the next generation of news…… So, some highly responsible netizens are frantically searching online for their certified plastic replacements. Perhaps, in the near future, the conversation will be the norm: “Bob, how did you last say that the bag we used was made?”” “Oh, don’t mention it. It’s disgusting!” “I read in WeChat Plus 8, they said that these are the Chinese with the teeth in the crab nibbling out!” do not know if you noticed, this is the world in a plastic panic, just search on the Internet, you can find countless people plastic is destroying the next generation of news…… So, some giant responsible netizens are frantically search the Internet to get their certified plastic substitutes, including plastic (Durex first to), and switch to paper (in fact, papermaking pollution caused by less than plastic), but these solutions and their families, people with perpetual motion. Three Chinese characters can describe not reliable. What’s that tricky? Jeffrey Catchmark, a professor of agriculture and bioengineering at the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Penn State University, thinks that the answer is inside the crab shell. Yes, it’s the crab shells that you threw away after eating the meat these days, and the Americans are going to collect them and become the latest replacement for plastics! How do you do it? Simply put, the guy found a chemical in the shell of a crustacean, mixing it with cellulose like wood pulp and making a non penetrating film. It’s thin film, comrades! Students! Think about how many uses of this thing, from food packaging to murder, it can almost solve all of our problems (fog)! More importantly, it’s absolutely biodegradable, and environmental activists don’t have to worry about losing their fertility because of plastic particles, so that every time they see their children, they feel like the next door Lao wang. Wrote here, I suddenly understand Bob who fears – Mom, you mean we use condoms and Chinese mouth nibbling out? It’s disgusting. Think about it. (original title: using a crab shell instead of a condom? Don’t laugh. Scientists are serious

2017 Spain Barcelona adult exhibition small scale production

Editor’s note: the last three years, sex toys industry in the influx of a large number of capital and a large number of start-up companies, in just one or two years, the existing hall, he and other 5 fun fun supplies company landed three new board, dozens of startups favored access to capital, the amount of public financing totaled more than 1 billion yuan. People began to focus on the interest products industry. In fact, compared with foreign countries, the huge value of this industry is far greater than the current domestic enterprises’ cognition and development. Chinese people have been talking about sex since ancient times, so the more than 20 years of interest products industry is still walking in the shadow of ambiguity. Until the rise of mobile Internet, interest electricity providers increasingly hot, the industry gradually into the public view.The last three years, sex toys industry in the influx of a large number of capital and a large number of start-up companies, in just one or two years, the existing hall, he and other 5 fun fun supplies company landed three new board, dozens of startups favored access to capital, the amount of public financing totaled more than 1 billion yuan.People began to focus on the interest products industry. In fact, compared with foreign countries, the huge value of this industry is far greater than the current domestic enterprises’ cognition and development.In June 2017, peach extravagant life completed ten million class angel financing. And formally put forward the platform model of B2B2C in September. At the same time, the joint global interest brand and several platforms settled. Peach luxury life, is a mobile community of sexual appeal, but also the global gender fun cross-border e-commerce platform. Now, users can not only understand and explore the latest information and anecdotes about global sexual appeal in peach luxury life, but also interact and share in the sexual community, to achieve the online social interaction of people.Before the news, peach luxury life has been introduced to Europe and the United States, Japan, Korea, Germany, the United States and other more than 80 countries of the sexual appeal products. And plans to cover tens of thousands of items of interest in 200 countries by the end of 2017.In the interview, peach and life founder and CEO of peach, said: “we hope that the world’s best female sex toys into Chinese, become the world’s fun APP select shopping platform China consumers’ love’. The idea of transmitting healthy and interesting culture is the ultimate idea of creating “peach luxury” brand”.Have to say, peach luxury life product positioning and design UI, breaking the people for many years the traditional concept of appeal products. Let every consumer be more comprehensive understanding of the product itself, as well as the current industry worldwide products and development. In the peach luxury life to buy interesting products, the user’s choice is wider, more selective. In addition to genuine and 7 day return exchange guarantee, peach luxury life for customer privacy and delivery of confidentiality, but also do more intimate and serious than ever before.”Intentions of service, and finally to get customer recognition and trust.”.” Finally, this sentence peach Feifei let us feel the peach and life as a commitment to global cross-border supplies platform sincerity and hard work.

Never forget to carry a condom when you’re traveling!

Abstract: Eleven holiday is coming, travel to see the outside world is a great pleasure in life, especially a good time to date, so the condom essential Oh ~ ~ ~ of course, want to let a father’s day next year. So, if you are traveling with friends and family, don’t you need a condom? Of course not! Today we look at the popularity of condoms in addition to contraception… Eleven holiday is coming, travel to see the outside world is a great pleasure in life, especially a good time to date, so the condom essential Oh ~ ~ ~Of course, I’d like to have father’s day in the next year.So, if you are traveling with friends and family, don’t you need a condom? Of course not! Today for everyone to popularize condoms, in addition to other uses of contraceptive function.1, waterproofBihaijinsha throughout the year are the most desirable places for travelers to the heart, so come to the beach must take pictures, especially love snorkeling friends want to keep himself in the water phantom, so this time the condom waterproof performance is to show. To wear a camera or mobile phone sets, so as not to water sealing tightly, pictures will not be too big effect.Pictures come from the Internet2, when the bandageMountaineering is also popular in recent years, but it may encounter various risks in the wild. If you’re injured in the wild, you can use condoms as a hemostatic bandage, super easy to use, travel necessary ah.3, when the pillowNowadays, young people like to pursue excitement, so camping in the field becomes a new way of traveling. But because of the inappropriate backpack with home pillow, this time you can get some condoms blown up and then tie the pad in the head, and the home of the pillow is soft and comfortable.Pictures come from the Internet4, when the life buoyThe wild crisis, several is installed in the blowing with the legs of the trousers can be made into an emergency buoy!Pictures come from the Internet5, isolationIn the wild, if you encounter a snake bite, you can use a condom to isolate the venom, and then be confident and bold to suck out the poison.In addition, some people may have their own habit of taking food during long distance travel. The food, canned food and so on can be put into the condom, which can effectively extend the shelf life of the food. sweet Asian adult love doll

Transformation? Sex education in a university in Wuhan, robbed in 5 seconds

Editor’s note: AIDS has been plagued the world’s infectious diseases, especially in recent years, AIDS in China’s young college students in the spread rate continues unabated, which makes many parents and schools and society are very worried. Even in such a precarious situation, if the school starts publicizing sexual education and AIDS prevention activities, it will suffer a lot of opposition. But this year, this kind of discrimination against sex education seems to be starting to change in a university in Wuhan. Elective course “health and civilization” teacher three: Guo Dingfang teacher; medical professional background, teaching mental health education class teacher Han Zhilai; one is invited guests Zhang Jinxiong, Hongkong rainbow and rainbow China founder. Chutian Metropolis DailyWashington (reporter correspondent Zhou Heling Qu Jiancheng) elective 5 seconds robbed finished, even some students stood outside the classroom Ceng class, this scene took place in Wuhan China Polytechnic hall called “health and civilization” electives.Grab the course of the “lucky” Xu Cheng said the students, this course is so popular, in addition to satisfy their curiosity, but also in the course of the form and content are very attractive, not only the video, pictures, and fun interactive scene.More than 6 points last night, “sexual health and sexual civilization” on schedule, two teachers from the body structure and basic knowledge of the speaker. Subsequently, the guests also told about his experience with the fight against aids. At the beginning, the students are a little shy, Minzui laughing, but gradually with the deepening of the classroom, students will be absorbed in, looked serious, and with the teacher’s question of positive interaction. Some students said, “a lot of questions, I ask parents will feel embarrassed, but in class, everyone is talking about, ask no pressure.”.”The class teacher Guo graduated from Huazhong Normal University School of life sciences, found her in the previous research, the students really want to know more about the body’s secret and knowledge, but also ashamed, and many people are wearing tainted glasses view this topic. She opened this course, want students to correctly and objectively look at sexual knowledge, lay the foundation for the future of love and marriage concept.(original title: sex education in a university in Wuhan, 5 seconds robbed of light, students rub classes)

Suitable for lovemaking places, you know?

Abstract: the fitting room reminder: remember to take some clothes, pretending to try clothes tried for a long time the hospital much, medical staff and patient are busy, did not pay attention to you at the injection or blinding our cinema, do what you want, but remember to wear masks for parking if you want more field stimulation, can be candidates in the middle of the day, a man afraid of a scare on the rooftop of HA Da night… Room reminder: remember to take some clothes, pretending to try clothes tried for a long time the hospital Davidsource 380mm Metal Plug Handle Horsetail Leather Whip Master lash Slap Spanking

Tiais Exdoll listing three new board stock code 872099

Editor’s note: Recently, Dalian science and technology development, with Limited by Share Ltd (stock abbreviation: pedicle Esther, stock code: 872099) new board listed bell ceremony was held in Beijing. Prior to this, the company has been approved by the National SME stock transfer system, which was officially listed on the new board in August 18, 2017. Thiais, three new board listing ceremony in Beijing Financial Street National SME share transfer system of Dalian science and technology development, pedicle three new board Limited by Share Ltd is the first and only one to the development, the production and sale of simulation dummies, simulation of humanoid robot as the main business enterprises. The listing of new three board, Tiais will leverage capital, accelerate enterprise development, and constantly improve R

The total amount of interest activities every year tens of billions, to whom?

Editor’s note: in recent years, through the Internet’s east wind, the interest industry has not been a small development. Especially in 2015, it could be said that this was the year of the explosion of China’s interesting products, and the data of the interest industry reached its peak this year. Only in this short span of time, the establishment of a large number of domestic internet appeal products company, and many interest products company in the year to complete the financing of large and small. The sex toys industry on the upgrade, to or from the consumer demand for sex toys. Compared with the market of foreign interesting products, the interest products industry in China is still in the developing stage. Whether it is from the population base, the law of economic development or the future growth of space, interest products are a neglected one hundred million large market. In March 23, 1993, Beijing zhaodengyu Road No. 143, a company called “Adam and Eve Health Center store. In the 30 square meters of the stores, people see more in the past have not seen anything: with condoms, prolonging the time of “God oil”, oscillator…… General and detached, can be found here. Many customers even change are not connected and hurried away, more people are still lingers in the front hesitate in. This may be the first adult goods store in New ChinaNow, 24 years later, what about the development of interest industries?In the summer of 2012, after the 90 student of Media University, Ma Jiajia graduated on the same day, and her male girlfriends, partners in the university entrance opened an adult goods store, bubble No. Then on the line of interest shopping mall. With the “Yunnan province entrance examination champion”, “popular” female guests such as If You Are The One label and active in social media, trenchant character, let the horse Allison and “no bubble” temporarily, by many media and VC sought. But the high profile of Ma Jiajia has not changed our users’ generally conservative cognition about sex. “Bubble no” project stopped, Ma Jiajia moved to social applications, the establishment of large-scale female communities, High”.Can be said that through the Internet in the wind, there is not a small new, fun fun supplies industry in 2015, is Chinese outbreak year, the data of the year industry have reached the peak taste. (data from whales), financing 165 million in August 2015 alone 0″(data from the whale), in 2015 set up a large number of Internet interest products company  There is no doubt that, in the “Internet” tide, has been full of “desire” and filled with “shy”, “embarrassment”, “taboo” and other words of interest industry, began to enter the public view, and slowly be named. The gradual rise of commercial companies has also proved that this is a pain point, realizable and potential market. 0″Data comes from whale”First of all, the market has a huge demand for appeal products. In 2015, for example, Japan supplies turnover of 83 billion U.S. dollars, the United States supplies the amount of $65 billion transaction, and the transaction volume Chinese fun supplies only $18 billion; in second, intelligent vending machine market, Japan has 6 million 500 thousand sets, 5 million 100 thousand sets of the United States, China’s only self-help vending machine 500 thousand units, including intelligent vending machine less than 50 thousand units third, 2015; Chinese fun supplies B2C market transactions amounted to 5 billion 410 million yuan, an increase of 60%, is expected in the next ten years will remain above 58% growth rate, while the taste industry in the next ten years will usher in the golden period of the outbreak.” – Li Hongtao analysis, whether from the population base, the law of economic development or the future growth of space, interest products are a neglected one hundred million large market. (Li Hongtao, chairman of Henan excellent Valley Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., founder of chain store of 38 night charm products) 0″(data from whales)Billions of fun products a year, who is buying? What did they buy? According to the data, the highest selling product is inflatable dolls, accounting for 19.5% of the total sales of interest goods (data from the 2015 large consumer goods consumption data)The total consumption in the northwest region accounted for 6% of the total, and the demand for inflatable dolls is particularly prominent, accounting for 42% of their total consumption (knowing who sells 1500 inflatable dolls per day) (data from whales) 42% of spice products in Northwest China come from inflatable dollsIn the national consumer goods consumption behavior, the total consumption in East China is the largest, accounting for 35% of the total amount of the country, and they are very interested in shaking bars, accounting for more than 30% of the total consumption. 0″People in East China prefer vibrators (data from whales)Although women accounted for only 36% of the consumption, but they accounted for about 50% of sales, and more willing to buy Spice Products for the other half.While men between 18 and 19 years old, only 21% of men have purchased women’s goods, and this ratio has increased by about 50% between 50 and 59 years of age.Developing trendAccording to the standard of the whale big data show that sex toys industry reached a peak in 2015, high heat, and after two years, the heat gradually decreased, but the size of the market has gradually formed the scale, so the transaction amount is still rising.Despite this, the market is still far from being developed, and according to the data, we have observed that the current situation in the interest products industry has picked up momentum. (data from whales)The reason for this is that the new retail industry is so hot that it has injected new vitality into the interesting products and the privacy of the convenience stores under the line, so that more people are willing to try. 0″69 interesting space But not all good news: his interest in 298 yuan / day “shared his girlfriend”, only 4 days have been stopped, visible in the erotic industry, how to regulate, how effective supervision is a big problem, no matter how to say “” this topic in our country is more sensitive, if the electricity supplier can express the standardization, pay more attention to privacy protection, product safety and health can be more, believe that the market will have a positive feedback.(original title: total, China year tens of billions of fun supplies every day 1500 inflatable dolls were sold?) handsfree multi-position Choucha aircraft cup

Adult products group standard setting up enterprises to look forward to

Abstract: this afternoon, organized by the China Development Corporation and the Shanghai International Adult exhibition Committee organized by the China Reproductive Health Industry Association standards work forum held in Wuhan Optics Valley Convention center. The meeting was attended by Tao Qingjun, Li Yanqiu, Ma Lincong, Wu Shaohua, Sun Wei soldiers and family planning and reproductive health China Industry Association, the relevant leaders of National Standardization Association, there are three hundred trade (Austria HO… This afternoon by the company and the Shanghai International Exhibition in the exhibition organizing committee will work on the Chinese adult reproductive health industry Association sponsored by the standard the meeting held in Wuhan Conference Center in Optics Valley. The meeting was attended by Tao Qingjun, Li Yanqiu, Ma Lincong, Wu Shaohua, Sun Wei soldiers and family planning and reproductive health China Industry Association, the relevant leaders of National Standardization Association, there are three hundred trade (Austria HOT), Adams, hand lovers, Hui have hope, Amazon, Jissbon, and an imperial pansidong more than 30 adult sex toys industry business representatives, business as the media industry also attended this seminar. 0″The president, Chinese Reproductive Health Industry Association vice president Tao Qingjun Li Yanqiu said the reproductive health industry association is the enterprise, hope the enterprises can often contact the association, there are suggestions and expectations to reflect the association.Make a group standard reproductive health industry association and enterprises over the years common expectations, but because of the special industry, the access threshold is not high, a large number of enterprises, to develop a rigorous, scientific, with the majority of the interests of the enterprise standard is not easy, is the so-called good thing more good, more grinding.Ma Lincong, Secretary General of the National Standardization Association, said: “the formulation of our national standards has reference to the methods of the United States Standardization Commission, and our reproductive health industry occupies an important position in the world, more than 50%.”Adult interest in our products in China, we have to formulate relatively high industry standards, in line with international development.An imperial enterprise representative speech: Men delay our products now in the grey state, now is the use of consumer brand GB, although the formal product, in many pharmacies are sold, but the state now prohibited propaganda efficacy. Therefore, we hope to introduce the standards of our products, so that we can follow the law.Speaking on behalf of Mr. Zhang, a lover enterprise, I hope that the name and terminology standards of the product can be formulated first, and that the proposal will be affirmed by the leaders of the participants.Dalian exdoll spokesman said: we have to develop their own enterprise standards, there is reference to children’s toys industry standards, before the Alibaba issued their own standards Adult supplies industry, mainly related to sex toys and lubricant products. I hope the association can promote the formulation of the national industry standards, I believe many enterprises will respond positively.Jissbon representative said: we have a taste of lubricant before pharmacies are selling, but now we have been informed that the products are not allowed to be sold in pharmacies, because this lubricant our products does not belong to the class of medical instruments, to the introduction of relevant standards for auxiliary products of this type of human reproductive health lubricant can online pharmacy sales. Rather than hard to set a drug size.Leaders of the association said: “today is mainly the collection of enterprise opinions and suggestions, as the establishment of group standards start, and later these suggestions will be the focus of our work.”.As everyone knows, now Chinese adult sex supplies industry lack of Industry Standard Specification for this phenomenon can lead to the production of enterprises, each enterprise to set their own standards, standards vary, uneven product quality. While consumers due to asymmetric information, unable to distinguish the quality of the product, especially as the vibrators contain batteries, chip components and male sex toys, these spray human private parts in contact with the product.And some unscrupulous businessmen, with exaggerated description, publishing false picture shoddy method to mislead consumers, causing consumers to buy a lot of experience, very good use of low quality sex products, but because of privacy issues, ashamed to the consumer association and other relevant departments have issued the relevant complaints, comments on the Internet, these comments will undoubtedly make demonizethe the erotic popular impression, with vulgar, boring, fraud and other negative labels. For example, a few years ago, widespread online product pictures are made of exquisite entity dolls, sold only a few hundred dollars, but consumers buy orders, but received a few tens of dollars worth of inflated dolls. This business can be in Taobao, Jingdong and many other mainstream, electronic business platform set up shop, because the industry lacks the entity dolls, inflatable dolls and other products to distinguish specific standards.I hope the adult interest products industry standards can be introduced and gradually improved. Let this special, but closely related to the public life of the industry, orderly and rapid development.

Adult products industry “climax

Editor’s note: in recent years, with the continuous progress of society, the adult goods industry has also been rapid development. Some people believe that the spring is coming in the adult goods industry. According to the statistical data of Jingdong, in the Qixi Festival period, condoms as the absolute main Adult supplies, still strong demand from August 25th to August 27th three days, average daily sales of more than 3 times daily in July, which, in August 25th the first minutes sold 1 million 800 thousand condoms. And vibration bar, jumping eggs and other “love things” has become “Tanabata explosion” products, favored by the vast numbers of consumers. If there is an industry, even if the financial crisis has little impact on it, is this industry very worthy of attention? The answer is yes. In fact, the industry is quietly in the city, and that’s what many people are ashamed of!As for the reason behind it, it is very simple, after all, the demand of lovemaking is just, is a high frequency, “food and sex, human desires.” Therefore, the industry does not want to fire is difficult!But the domestic Adult supplies production enterprises, but there is always a “lingering sadness egg”. This is because, compared with the Western adult goods market, adult products, domestic brands are less, the market presents “miscellaneous”, “scattered” and “disorderly” state. More seriously, adult goods enterprises in the high margin behind, is a net profit losses continue to occur, the development of the industry “climax”, I do not know when to come.After a long period of time, it is inevitable that there will be some doubt. Is the “high tide” of the adult goods market going by? Has it begun to go downhill? The answer is No.Demand is brisk and the market scale exceeds 100 billionIn recent years, with the continuous progress of society, the adult goods industry has also been rapid development. Some people believe that the spring is coming in the adult goods industry. According to the statistical data of Jingdong, in the Qixi Festival period, condoms as the absolute main Adult supplies, still strong demand from August 25th to August 27th three days, average daily sales of more than 3 times daily in July, which, in August 25th the first minutes sold 1 million 800 thousand condoms. And vibration bar, jumping eggs and other “love things” has become “Tanabata explosion”, favored by consumers. Among them, the more interactive fun wireless eggs sold 129 times last year’s tanabata.Visible, adult products industry is still in the growth phase. Especially with the continuous progress of science and technology, more and more people in various forms of “chicken soup” under the influence of the ideological concepts are also changing, the quality of life has a higher pursuit. Consumers are starting to buy some adult products to improve their quality of life. In this context, the domestic adult goods industry ushered in a period of rapid development, is growing at a rapid rate of 15% per year.According to China Securities Research Report released days before 2014, the domestic market size of about 8 billion Adult supplies consumption, annual compound growth rate of about 50%. From the manufacturing side point of view, export and domestic sales ratio of about 9:1, then in 2014 the domestic product value of the whole interest is about 80 billion, 2015 is expected to have exceeded 100 billion, another market has become neglected.The taste is like a business quietly blossoming Shy Rose, not attracted wide attention at the same time, has quietly entered a one hundred billion market size.With the rapid development of the market at the same time, all capital Adult supplies have entered the market, snatch the cake”. At present, in addition to her health, information logged in the new board of seals (he interest) and spring house, and peach and life, whether the technology bubble, little love, send duck, elephant condoms and other domestic interest have electricity providers to obtain different levels of financing, and many companies were financing capital in the “winter” when all capital of Adult supplies market enthusiasm remarkable.Lack of independent brands is still in its infancyAccording to relevant media reports, the domestic adult goods market has developed rapidly, and China has now become the world’s largest producer of adult goods, accounting for about 60% to 80% of the total market.Nevertheless, compared with developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan, the development of China’s adult products industry is still in its infancy. The industry believes that the current development of the industry is extremely fragmented, the degree of product differentiation is not obvious, the category is single, high-end products are blank. At the same time, the domestic interest culture is still in a relatively conservative stage, consumer acceptance of products to be improved, awareness of the product also needs to be improved. This provides opportunities for foreign brands such as LELO and EasyToys.And Thailand Securities believes that in the Research Report: due to see the broad prospects Adult supplies industry, a large number of manufacturing enterprises to enter the industry, but most of the production enterprises in the miscellaneous, small, scattered, chaotic situation, many small and medium-sized manufacturers from moldmakers, toy manufacturers and transformation, and OEM or ODM business mode manufacturers profit margins will continue to be compressed, the industry is also slowly from the ocean to the red sea.According to statistics, the current domestic Adult supplies industry has more than 500 production enterprises, business mainly in the OEM or ODM, the lack of domestic brands, manufacturers mainly concentrated in Zhejiang and Guangdong, which have larger Shenzhen, Liaoning and Wenzhou Jimei Baile health lovers.”China is the world’s most abundant toy factory manufacturing resources, there is sufficient level of technology and manufacturing capacity, but the brand resources are scarce, wholesale and retail links are small and scattered.”.” Spring CEO Lin Degang told the media.Visible, China’s adult goods market in the low-end products accounted for the majority of influential domestic brands less, providing foreign brands with space for development. Like the Swedish LELO, Hongkong jizhimei, American Soc Johnson, American CEN, Durex and other brands, already occupy the domestic high-end market. Most of the market is still monopolized by foreign enterprises, and can be in the industry and foreign giants a little share of the enterprise.Promising, the urgent need to build local brandsAt present in developed countries, 70% of all adults have at least one of their own adult instruments, and in China, this ratio is less than one percent, most of the domestic market Adult supplies just to stay in the purchase of contraception stage, so there is a broad space for development.The use of condoms as an example, the current domestic condom sales in the 100-200 million, the market size of about $1 billion 800 million, according to the professional organizations to predict domestic condom sales from 2015 12 billion 700 million, growth of 1 billion 880 million yuan value of $5 billion 40 million in 2024, a CAGR of 8.1%, prospects.In the adult market prospects, how to build local well-known brands, improve market share, the editor believes that the following needs to be done:First of all, we should take the consumer as the center, and develop the products that can solve the “pain point” of consumers. In order to build brands, enterprises will be based on the needs of consumers, strengthen the product design and development, advanced experience while drawing foreign brands, to achieve breakthroughs in key technologies, and effectively solve the problem of consumer pain points.Secondly, we must effectively improve product quality. We should use the spirit of excellence to produce high quality products and ensure good safety so as to win the trust of consumers. Unqualified, inferior, imitation Adult supplies the silicone raw material elements exceed the standard usually containing manganin manganin elements will kill the skin cells, and use of apparatus, exceed the standard 3 manganin elements, namely permanent skin sensitivity is reduced by 10%, can no longer experience normal sexual pleasure. Therefore, the production of high-quality products, and eliminate the appearance of inferior products, enterprises have become the primary task facing.Thirdly, strengthening advertising marketing is the necessary means. Advertising can increase brand awareness. At present, due to the influence of the traditional concept, many stars exclude the advertisement of adult products and refuse to speak on behalf of them. This has caused the lack of advertising in the domestic market, which has affected the expansion of brand awareness. Therefore, strengthening advertising marketing and enhancing brand influence has become a top priority for the enterprises concerned.At present, after the preliminary market foreshadowing, the adult goods industry is from the start to the outbreak of transition. At this stage, a lot of people are eager to start, but also ashamed to open, so adult products industry to reach “high tide”, but also need to run in. Although it is still a mystery to know when it will be a climax, the day will come after the rise of the post-80s and post-90s generations.